Order of the Black Madonna

The Order of the Black Madonna is a contemplative and service-oriented holy society devoted to the Great Dark Mother.

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Sr Marie Verité's Elemental Invocations

Holy Black Madonna of the North, Mother of the dark earth, the quiet winter and deep, sacred hush of buried things, hear our call. Keep our secrets in Your unfathomable depths, holy Silent Mother. Help us learn the value of unspeaking watchfulness and protection of those things that will quicken and grow in the months to come. Hail and welcome!

Holy Black Madonna of the East, Mother of the rising sun, beautiful flowing streams and melting snow, hear our call. Mother of emergence, Light-Bringer, teach us to cultivate refreshed determination like the seeds deep within You that begin to grow with the warming days. Help us find the open air and take our first deep breaths of spring. Hail and welcome!

Holy Black Madonna of the South, Mother of high noon and the full brightness of the days of summer, hear our call. We sing our joyful songs to You as we tend to the work of our daily lives. We follow your example of engaged leadership and activity as we bring support and aid to our communities, and surge forward all together, one Being working for the benefit of all. Hail and welcome!

Holy Black Madonna of the West, Mother of the great waters and the gathering storms of autumn, guide us through the passages we must follow as the sun gives way to increasing darkness. Mother of the Beloved Dead, help us to hear the wisdom of those who have flowed before us into the eternal cycle of life and death and life again. May we be a light in the darkness for all beings. Hail and welcome!

Holy Black Madonna of the Center, Eternal Mother and fecund darkness that is the Source of all life, we call to You. Hold us as we open within ourselves that spark of Divinity, the link that connects us to You that is forever present and always the golden road back to You. May we be exemplars of Your peaceful Presence, always mindful of the Now, always aware of the moment-by-moment possibility for compassion, growth, love, and blessings for all beings. Hail and welcome!

To the Queen of Time and Space, I bow down. To She of Vastness, I bow again. 

The Order of the Black Madonna is a project of the Mt Shasta Goddess Temple.