Order of the Black Madonna

The Order of the Black Madonna is a contemplative and service-oriented holy society devoted to the Great Dark Mother.

The Order of the Black Madonna is a holy order devoted to the Great Dark Mother, known by many names: Mitochondrial Eve, Au Set, Isis, Gaia, Cybele, Our Lady of Czestochowa, Santa Muerte, Sara la Kali, Our Lady of Monserrat, and others.

She is vast, timeless, fierce, and benevolent. She is non-local and ever-present. She is the balm for all suffering, the relief for obsessions and addictions, the matron of those who have been sexually marginalized and wounded, the mother of the oppressed, arbiter of justice, and the symbol for the deep, wise, feminine power that has been denigrated and treated as hidden/forbidden within more traditional religious contexts.

Order members are not bound by limiting patriarchal religious structures in our work. We follow a largely self-guided, ongoing path of reverence and devotion to the Black Madonna in one or more of her forms, with freedom in our approaches and a commitment to empowerment for all.

We collectively and individually:

  • Observe Feast Days and holidays on a schedule of our own design

  • Research Her many faces, history, and lore

  • Write our own prayers and re-write traditional prayers to suit our needs

  • Honor Her with our own system of symbols, ceremonies, and practices

  • Forge self-directed authentic relationships with the Black Madonna through individual service projects

Membership in the Order begins with attending our monthly online devotionals and learning more about Her ways. If you are curious about joining, please contact us.



To the Queen of Time and Space, I bow down. To She of Vastness, I bow again. 

The Order of the Black Madonna is a project of the Mt Shasta Goddess Temple.