Order of the Black Madonna

The Order of the Black Madonna is a contemplative and service-oriented holy society devoted to the Great Dark Mother.

Statement Regarding Police Violence and Racism

We of the Order of the Black Madonna stand in solidarity with other Pagan organizations in publicly denouncing:

  • the racist and hyper-militaristic violence of police departments directed against people of color.

  • the use of violence by police departments against all non-violent persons engaged in lawful, constitutionally protected acts of protest.

  • all policies that encourage police officers to use deadly force prior to discerning the facts of a situation, including policies that enable the reckless hiring of officer candidates that are clearly, demonstrably, and dangerously unqualified to protect and serve their communities.

  • all attempts to cover up, manipulate, or erase the facts of cases involving wrong-doing by police officers, including intimidating witnesses, lying, destroying or hiding evidence, and stonewalling or otherwise not cooperating with investigating State and Federal authorities.

We express our solidarity with people of color in our community and in communities across the country. We stand with them in peaceful, non-violent protest of the death and destruction that has been directed at them by a racist, bloody over-structure that has time and again proven itself to be incapable of self-regulation.

We demand the complete overhaul of this system so that all military weapons purporting to be for “crowd control” currently used against non-violent protestors be immediately removed from all police departments nationwide, and all military vehicles and military-grade weapons be removed and destroyed. We also demand that body cameras be issued to every on-duty police officer for the protection of the public against wanton outbursts of violence. Finally, we demand that each and every individual who seeks a career in law enforcement be critically evaluated by psychological and Diversity Education professionals to see of they exhibit signs of unaware racism, racial prejudice, and racial bias.

The Order of the Black Madonna is a devotional society dedicated to Our Lady of Magic, the holy darkness which gives birth to all and receives all. As Our Lady of Czestochowa, Isis, Sophia, Caridad del Cobre, The Magdalene, The Great Dark Rich Mother Earth, The Nameless Cosmic Darkness. She is the silent, numinous, holy sense that is found in moments of un-self-conscious reverence. We stand and hold Her sacred embodiment, and we witness the powerful and courageous emergence of previously marginalized voices of color in our communities. In Her stead, we weep at the innocent blood being shed, and in solidarity with them and with all people of righteous purpose we demand bold, empowering change on all levels of our society. Now.

To the Queen of Time and Space, I bow down. To She of Vastness, I bow again. 

The Order of the Black Madonna is a project of the Mt Shasta Goddess Temple.