Order of the Black Madonna

Our Lady of Social Justice

The Order of the Black Madonna is a holy order devoted to the Great Dark Mothers of many names, who share a mission of social justice for all beings.

The Sisters of the Order of the Black Madonna will pray for your petitions. Please submit these below and know that we are praying for you.

Watch for miraculous signs that help you in your time of need. Feel free to submit another note here to let us know if you can feel our prayers working or if we need to intensify our efforts. We cannot answer every petitioner via email, but we do answer some, and we do pray for all the petitions that we receive.

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Name or Alias

To the Queen of Time and Space, I bow down. To She of Vastness, I bow again. 

The Order of the Black Madonna is sponsored by Come As You Are Pagan Congregation, a 501(c)3 church.